Develop Personally and Professionally with the Young Chamber

The aim of Young Chamber is to develop and support the next generation of business leaders within the St Albans District and  provide a platform to connect, network, and learn new skills.

If you are new to networking, Young Chamber offers countless opportunities for professional and personal growth through training and development, business advice, building connections and mentoring. Whether you are a recent graduate, young professional, or an entrepreneur, the Young Chamber is the perfect place to build your confidence and network with other local businesses.


  • Networking: Meet like-minded individuals in your community, expand your network and make valuable connections.
  • Professional Development: Access workshops, seminars, and events to enhance your skills and knowledge.
  • Leadership Opportunities: Gain leadership experience and build your CV and network
  • Community Involvement: Get involved in the local business community.
  • Entrepreneurial Support: Share ideas with other entrepreneurs and receive support and encouragement.
  • Social Activities: Participate in social events, meet new people and build lasting relationships.
  • Stay Up-to-Date: Stay informed about industry trends, news and updates.


There is no age limit to Young Chamber – you are as young as you feel! We aim to support those who are new to the world of networking and wants to build their connections.

By joining the Young Chamber, you become part of a community of professionals and entrepreneurs dedicated to personal and professional growth. So, join now and start benefiting from the many opportunities that the Young Chamber has to offer!


Come and say hello to one of our committee members at the next event.

Alfie Jourdan
Director, Bunkum Rum


Hugo Harding
Senior Graduate Surveyor, Aitchison Raffety

Georgia Strazza
Graduate Surveyor, Aitchison Raffety

Tia-Lily Girdlestone
Marketing Manager, Amber Mountain Marketing

Emily Waddell
Marketing and Business Development Manager, Taylor Walton

Ben Mitson
Financial Consultant, Lumin Wealth