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Networking and building relationships is so important to business development. Our events programme provides you with a host of opportunities for business networking in St Albans and connecting with fellow local businesses. Here’s a bit more on what you can expect from your membership at the Chamber of Commerce St Albans.

Types of Events at the Chamber of Commerce St Albans

We have a packed schedule of business breakfasts, lunches, workshops and informal drinks for you to enjoy. We also have a number of signature events including our International Women’s Day and St George’s Day lunches as well as our Community Business Awards running throughout the year. As a member of the St Albans Chamber of Commerce, you can choose your way to network.

Benefits of Business Networking in St Albans

Although networking is at the heart of most of our events, our events are about having fun too. Not only that, once you’ve joined, a member of your organisation can attend their first business breakfast or speed networking event completely free of charge. Some of the main benefits of becoming a member with us include:

Memberships are available at different rates – whether you’re a sole trader or large business

Good Networking Tips

Don’t sell – make friends

Nobody likes being sold to at a networking event. Approach networking as a way to make friends and develop relationships – it’s those friendships that lead to referrals. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t talk about what you offer; name drop other companies that you’ve worked with into conversations whilst mentioning any successes you’ve seen. Rather than selling to people, leave them with a strong impression of your expertise, knowledge, and your business morals.

Listen and help each other

Whilst you’re networking, take the time to listen to others. By listening to what they have to say, they will feel valued and appreciated. If you were to do all of the talking, this can be quite irritating and can put people off building a relationship with you.

As you’re listening to them, try and pick up on anything that you may be able to help them with – if you help people, they will feel inclined to help you back. You can then point your new contact to people that they may be interested in meeting and introduce them to each other in an email.

Make connections on social

Keep your new contacts warm by connecting and engaging with them on social media between meetings. In particular, connecting with them on LinkedIn is essential; this is the perfect way to continue your relationship with them. By engaging, liking and replying to any of their posts, you’ll stay at the front of their mind.

Become a member today

From networking and profile-building to business advice and mentoring, becoming a member of the Chamber of Commerce provides you with plenty of opportunities for business networking in St Albans. If you’re unsure which package is best or have any questions regarding membership, please get in touch with Emma Fisher on 01727 863054 or

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