St Albans - City of Expertise

The St Albans District is a leading centre of expert financial, legal, property, planning, engineering and commercial advice. 

Local firms provide expertise and knowledge to rival top London firms.

23 of St Albans' leading professional services companies are working together, along with the St Albans District Chamber of Commerce and St Albans City and District Council , to highlight the combined skills and business opportunities.

Amongst the professional services in St Albans are legal expertise, accountancy, banking and chartered surveying and chartered engineering consultants.  St Albans is home to around 80 Chartered Accountancy firms, 50 legal firms and many firms of chartered surveyors and planners.

Situated just 20 minutes by train from central London, the City’s beautiful medieval and roman architecture, thriving economy and lush countryside attract many London professionals to set up home in and around St Albans. 

The firms driving the work to highlight St Albans as the City of Expertise include: AECOM, Aitchison Raffety, Barclays, Cleveland  Scott York, Clydesdale Bank, DLA Planning, Debenhams Ottaway, Deloitte, Moore Kingston Smith, Mercer& Hole, Neves Solicitors, Rayden Solicitors, Rayner Essex, Rumball Sedgwick, SA Law, Sherrards Solicitors, Taylor Walton, Van Zyl & de Villiers and WMT. 

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Contact: Lawrence Hewitt

Economic Development Officer

01727 296 1219