Our Director Spotlight series continues with Steve Maton, Commercial Director at Babble, a rapidly growing unified Comms, Contact Centre and Cyber Solutions provider employing over 280 people across the UK who joined the Board in 2020.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your company?

I’ve been a member of the Chamber for 11 years, joining in 2011 to engage with the local business community, meet new people and promote my IT & Telecoms businesses. Having sold my businesses in 2021, I’m now a Commercial Director of Babble, a rapidly growing Unified Comms, Contact Centre and Cyber Solutions provider employing over 280 people across the UK. Community has always been hugely important to me in both my work and personal life and I continue to support a range of local charities, trying to ensure that I and others give back as much as possible.

What made you join the Chamber/Board? What was your motivation?

Joining the Chamber was one of the easiest business decisions I’ve ever had to make. At the start, I think all I’d really hoped was the chance to meet some like-minded people. 11 years down the line, I now count many members amongst my closest friends and customers. Becoming a Board Director was another easy decision and one I hoped would encourage others to do the same as me. Given the events of the last couple of years, I also feel that it’s incredibly important for us to provide a platform for businesses of all sizes to meet and support each other.

How has being a part of the Chamber provided you with new opportunities?

This is a simple question to answer. By investing time and making the effort to get to know people, it becomes an easy decision to start working with other Chamber members. Not only does the Chamber provide the opportunity to get to know people, it also acts as a sounding board and a referral network. There’s always someone you can speak to who is willing to help!

How can the Chamber benefit businesses?

The Chamber is a very informal network of people, but the range of skills and friendly nature of everyone involved means that every business can benefit – whether that be by directly connecting with customers and suppliers or meeting like-minded people who face similar challenges and can support each other.

What advice would you offer other businesses?

I’ll go back to my comments above, not only was joining the Chamber an easy decision for me and my business, but it was also one of the best decisions I made. It helped be grow my business, meet new customers and suppliers and make friends with some incredible people.

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