How can recording phone calls and AI improve your customer and employee experience?


Why do companies record phone calls? And how AI is applied to improve customer and employee experience

Adooa specialises in AI analytics, VoIP, and chat services, providing SMEs with an advanced yet user-friendly VoIP telephone system, VOIspeed. We have years of experience in recording calls for our clients while meeting changing legislation and technology drivers. The AI based speech-analytics software means that we can analyse all this data and use this knowledge in different ways to help business. 

Which companies will benefit though from a simple call recording solution and which from sophisticated speech-analytics one?

Our software VOIspeed offers call recording as standard, and we store this for up to a month. However, we provide extra storage on a secure dedicated server for those requiring more than a month call recording. We often categorise those clients who store and access recordings into three main sectors:  financial services, travel agents and law firms.  

Law firms and travel agents use the recordings primarily for quality assurance and in case they need to protect themselves from litigation or dispute resolution, and sometimes for training reasons, to coach new staff.  Companies that provide financial services instead are required by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to keep all recordings securely stored and ensure that they are easily accessible for a minimum of 5 years (and up to 7 if requested by the FCA).  These include:

      • the reception and transmission of orders

      • the execution of orders on behalf of clients

      • transactions concluded when dealing on own account

    With all this data however, larger financial service companies with contact centres are taking advantage of the knowledge at their fingertips. 

    There is now the ability of Speech and Voice Analytics software, for example, to help contact agents better understand customer needs, providing instant analysis to improve their performance. This software might be helpful to rate speech conversations through standard scores or providing the agent with a “co-pilot” or “companion” during the call. These tools are aimed at improving human interaction, providing more detail for the agent to help complete transactions and enhance customer experience.  Analytics can also be used for competitor analysis to work out which other brand people mention when buying yours and provide valuable input.  There are many other challenges that may yet be met with AI and we keep abreast of latest technologies for companies for whom telephony is important.   

    What about the Privacy, Compliance and Ethical challenges of recording calls?

        • Compliance with GDPR

      What data does a company retain about yourself, your transactions or past dealings with them? Complying with GDPR regulations can introduce many difficulties when calls are being recorded. Firstly, when recording calls businesses need to let customers know that the conversation is being recorded. We often place a message saying that all calls are being recorded ‘for quality compliance monitoring and training purposes’. GDPR also gives the right of the callee to request a copy of the recording under subject access request. So, when recording calls, for us there is both the challenge of securing personal data and the need to secure it and if used for analytics, depersonalise it, or redact it. The process of redacting entails extracting any confidential data (like names, companies, phone numbers, emails but also personal preferences or views) from a document or a conversation. We use for this reason supervised machine learning models that are ideal (and fast) for extracting labelled data from a conversation.

          • Compliance with PCI DSS

        If taking credit card payments over the phone, your company will need to be comply with the PCIDSS standard. The certification process is expensive and time consuming and becomes impossible to achieve when you have a hybrid model with some people working from home.

        The software that we provide allows a client to key in data on their credit card using the keyboard on their phone, sending all confidential data securely, directly to the bank, bypassing the company’s agents that are not exposed to such data. This will make it extremely easy and less costly for a company to meet the stringent criteria of the PCIDSS standard.

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