President's Message February 2015

Posted: 24th February 2015, 10:31am

There’s been a fair amount of excitement in the last few weeks following the Greek election. The new Greek government and the German government have both declared that there would be no compromises but inevitably there have been. Fortunately neither party has stood by its principles with the macro-economic health of the Eurozone, and Europe as a whole, at stake. Let’s hope that continues.

The FTSE has been flirting for the last two weeks with its 30 December 1999 closing record of 6930. So many problems have prevented the new record, not least Greece and then HSBC’s poor annual results. Finally on 24 February 2015 we have a new record close of 6953, If you consider the rise in house prices in St Albans since 1999 (24% in the last year alone) it is, to say the least, surprising that the FTSE has remained for so long below 1999 levels.

In St Albans there has been a cry for help from the owners of St Albans Football Club. Saddled with decrepit facilities at a ground they don’t own they’re looking for help from the local community. I urge you to read the local papers and, if you are in support of their views, do what you can to help. Institutions like our football club are an important part of our community.

In the Chamber we’re getting close to the end of my three year Presidency and there will be more of that in my next, and final, message in March. The AGM is on 25 March and is followed by the opportunity to quiz all of the St Albans general election candidates from the main parties including the Greens and UKIP. Come along to see what they all say and then you’ll have a better view on who to vote for in May. Tickets available on

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