President's Message January 2016

Posted: 29th January 2016, 9:53am

Like many of you reading this message, as the festive break came to a close and I found myself on the eve of returning to work, I was caught between optimism for the forthcoming year and regret about quite how much food and drink I had managed to consume in the foregoing two week period.  Since giving up football around three years ago, keeping off the pounds has proved an ongoing challenge particularly accustomed as I am to attending the fabulous networking breakfasts, lunches and dinners along with drinks receptions hosted by the Chamber and our members.

This year was different however! As I struggled in to my suit trousers and decided that it was not necessary to close the buttons on my suit jacket, I resolved that this year was the time I would actually take action and get back to my fighting weight once again! Memories of how I felt back in 2012 at the end of the London Paralympics served to reinforce my determination. Indeed, it is a strange reality for me and I guess many others that the more I exercise, the more energised I feel.  My motivation was also moderately driven by my finances as it seemed a little wasteful to take a trip back to the suit store having only purchased some perfectly fitting new suits in November.  So, I took action and began a personal training programme with Chamber members Total Care Personal Training. As winners of the New Business Award at the Chamber Awards in October 2015, I figured that if anyone can solve my problem, these guys would get me on the right track again. Whilst it is very early days, the impact it has had on my well-being has really come as a pleasant surprise. After my first three weeks of training, I already find myself energised, mentally sharper, motivated to improve with every session and smiling as I walk  in to  the gym rather than feeling a sense of foreboding about the pain to come.

The regrets of over-indulgence during December are now well behind me and I trust through a mixture of the skills of Total Care Personal Training and peer pressure from writing this article that my progression will continue a pace over the next few months. Watch out St Albans Fashion show!!! Whilst personal training is something I was use to from my previous sporting career and therefore works for me, I know many of our members will get their activity in a variety of ways from cycling, swimming, gym classes and even just walking. However, I am delighted to have found something which truly enthuses me to improve and maintain my health and fitness and as you contemplate the year ahead, I trust you will too.

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