President's Message - November 2016

Posted: 24th November 2016, 12:30pm

Why not you?

During  2016 I have judged, sponsored, hosted and participated in numerous awards programmes which have given a diverse range of people drawn from a variety of backgrounds the opportunity to tell their story about how they chose to do something remarkable with their lives.

Moreover, in many of these cases, what they have chosen to do has had an incredibly positive impact on those around them across our county, our country and in some cases right across the globe.  Some of these awards programmes have sought to celebrate the amazing achievements of young people whose truly inspirational stories demonstrate wisdom and drive well in advance of their tender years. Others have focused on the contribution of women in business, shining a spotlight on those willing to smash right through the barriers put in their way and move on to create sustainable growing businesses on their own terms.

 Awards ceremonies like our own St Albans and District Chamber of Commerce Business Awards showcase the top performing businesses across a wide range of sectors and draw out the many shining examples of first class leadership, community focus, commitment to sustainability, outstanding customer service and highlight numerous corporate and social responsibility projects undertaken by businesses right across our locality. 

Listening in awe to the exploits and achievements of these award winners, it is clear that each of them has been on a very individual journey during which they have either been sparked in to action by a single event or a series of events which have acted as the catalyst to drive them on to achieve incredible outcomes. 

As such, there is no one formula or methodology I can identify for each of us to follow in order to guarantee such outcomes for ourselves. However, there is most certainly some common currency these people share which may give us a kick start in to action. Firstly, they share an unwavering positive view about life and living. Secondly, they make positive choices around all they can control and accept the issues they cannot.  Thirdly, they embrace diversity, utilising points of difference in themselves and others to broaden and deepen relationships as opposed to seeing difference as a threat to be dismissed or silenced. The humanity, selflessness and humility of these remarkable people is something to be celebrated and emulated wherever and whenever we are able. In short, positive choices almost always lead to positive outcomes, and with that in mind, over to you!

There are so many remarkable members in the Chamber, we encourage you to attend our events and get to know each and more about each other's businesses, engaging with the incredible talent pool here in the district. Please remember to use each other’s services before using suppliers that are not members or not local! Helping and supporting each other is crucial to all of our independent businesses surviving, the benefits are huge…discounts, trusting relationships, referrals and supporting the local economy.

David Clarke, Chamber President

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