Government in denial on economy says Anne Main MP

Posted: 19th March 2009, 1:25pm

19th March 2009

Government in denial on economy says MP

During yesterday’s Parliamentary debate on the Economy, Anne Main, MP for St Albans, challenged the Chief Secretary to the Treasury over her comments that remarks from those present were “a huge amount of bombast and feigned indignation that would have been at home on the floor of the Oxford Union”.

Anne said:

“May I take the right hon. Lady back to the statement she made that implied that this was somehow like a debate on the floor of some posh university? I had a business summit where 30-odd businesses said that they were not getting the help that they need from the Government. Citizens Advice has seen a fourfold increase in the number of people coming in with debts and who have no support with their loans and their mortgages. This is not some sort of game. My constituents are suffering and unless she wants me to take back to them the fact that there is complacency in the Government, can we have some real solutions, please?”

Upon leaving the Chamber, Anne said:

“I found it insulting that the Minister attempted to dismiss this debate on the economy on the floor of the House of Commons at this difficult time as ‘bombast and feigned indignation’. Despite numerous representations from MPs present, she was in denial.

She disputed the fact that major educational projects are grinding to a halt, yet we know that this is happening on the Oaklands campus in St Albans, she maintained the VAT reduction was doing a great job, but recently local businesses told me that it wasn’t and, indeed, was costing them money, and she insisted that there was plenty of help for those families struggling with debt and mortgage repayments, when our local Citizens Advice Bureau told me that little help was feeding through to those that needed it, and that the numbers seeking their assistance had quadrupled.

Sadly she did not give us any new solutions and seemed to reject the case-by-case examples of sheer economic hardship that many MPs raised. We had all hoped that these examples would give her a taste of reality in order to speed up help to those that need it.”

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