Three Cheers for Butterfly World

Posted: 18th May 2009, 12:10pm

Members of the St Albans Butterfly World Local Support Group have just planted an Oak Tree, from Sherwood Forest, to commemorate the work of the Support Group over the years since the Project was announced several years ago. Members of the Group who were there: Julie Crick, front left; next to her is Philip Gillmor, Chair of the Local Support Group, Edward Hackford, next to tree right, and Mel Hilbrown, 3rd from right. Both Philip and Mel are Directors of the St Albans District Chamber of Commerce.

Phase I of Butterfly World opens to the public on Friday June 5th.  Amongst the many attractions will be 12 'FutureGardens' designed by top British designers.  The Site is reached from Noke Lane.

Click on the following link for a photograph

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