'Going for Gold' - Conference 2007

Posted: 30th May 2008, 9:30am

Our Centenary Conference entitled “Going for Gold” was held at the Council Chamber, St Albans District Council Offices on Thursday, 7th June as part of the on-going close co-operation between the Chamber and the Council. Our thanks go to Lloyds TSB Business Banking for generously sponsoring the event.

The Conference started with a session being led by John Fuller, who spoke about how we as businesses can be involved in the 2012 Olympics. John is the Hertfordshire Manager for the 2012 Games and introduced the Hertsfordshire Ready for Winners Partnership. The Partnership aims to maximise the economic, social, health and environmental benefits of the Games for London and the UK. The dynamic and focus over the next 5 years and beyond offers local businesses the unique chance to be a part of that process and its benefits. Businesses in Hertfordshire have the advantages of closeness to the centre of the event and a new Olympic facility in the County.

For most, the chance to meet new clients and to network is important. Two networking sessions were arranged and with so many new members now joining the Chamber, there was a chance to meet new faces and forge some strong business relationships.

After our second networking session we heard from John Donnelly of The Learning Point and the Rainmaker Makers who spoke to delegates about the ‘Golden Touch - secrets of world class business leaders’ in his usual inspirational way.

If you would like any further information regarding the subject matter please go to the following links where you can contact our guest speakers directly:-

John Fuller: john@hertsprosperity.com and www.hertsprosperity.com

John Donnelly: john@learningpoint.co.uk and www.learningpoint.co.uk

To finish the day we had a fabulous buffet lunch provided by Richard McFarland Catering with wine provided by Cellar Door Wines Ltd.

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