Rail Freight news – Secretary of State rejects Helioslough appeal

Posted: 16th July 2010, 1:22pm

Rail freight news – Secretary of State rejects Helioslough appeal

Further to our previous correspondence, I wanted to write to let you know that rail freight proposal for the former Radlett Aerodrome site has once again been dismissed. The Under Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government wrote to me on Thursday to tell me that the Secretary of State has overruled the Inspector’s recommendation for approval, and rejected the appeal.


I am sure you will agree that it is excellent news that the new Government has come to what I believe is the right decision. I have always maintained that this was the wrong location for such a development, and that this proposal was resubmitted in an attempt to jump ahead of other more appropriate locations for developments.


I am pleased that the Secretary of State has agreed that, with other more appropriate developments potentially coming on stream, such as Colnbrook, there was nothing to justify wrecking our green belt. I have never believed there are any special circumstances to justify building this monstrosity in our green belt, especially when other proposals are being welcomed in other areas. There is always a slim chance that the developer will challenge this decision, or return with a new proposal, and should this happen, I will of course keep you informed.


I know you will share my gratitude for the huge efforts of Cathy Bolshaw and the STRIFE team, who have spent years putting together a well researched and knowledgeable case against the proposal. This decision has lifted a blight on

Park Street

, and I hope their work will be given formal recognition by the community and the Council. They have served

St Albans

above and beyond the call of duty.


Once again the green belt has saved our community, and this is why I have always fought as hard as I can to protect our green belt. People who dismiss the value of green belt forget that one of its principal reasons is to encourage development in more appropriate locations.


With best wishes,


Anne Main

Member of Parliament for

St Albans

maina@parliament.uk - 0207 219 8270

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