St Albans City Centre for the 21st Century

Posted: 20th January 2012, 9:41am

St Albans City Centre for the 21st Century - The Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment

The City & District Council has identified the area to the South East of St Peters Street (the Civic Centre Opportunity Site) as potential for a major development for St Albans and finished a public consultation on their planning brief in December last year.

Under the ‘Localism Act’ community groups are able to have a significant input on the development of local plans and, the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment with great support from the Department for Communities & Local Government, are facilitating this with a “Supporting Communities in Planning Scheme”

The Civic Society have acted as a lead organisation in bringing together local groups to create a St Albans City Centre Steering Group to work with the Princes Foundation (as representative of the local community)


The next stage in late February is to run a wider public consultation, using the experience and expertise of the Prince’s Foundation, to attempt to define more clearly how the St Albans Community wishes to see its City Centre develop.


This is a great opportunity for the people and businesses of St Albans to have a significant impact on how our City Centre develops, and to influence the nature of future development.

This Business Breakfast is your opportunity to find out more about the process, what can be achieved and what has happened in other towns and cities.  What can you do to help and influence?

Come along and find out how you can influence this process affecting how St Albans will look like in the future!

We look forward to seeing many of you there for another fantastic breakfast at this superb venue!

£21 (plus VAT) for members        £26 (plus VAT) for non-members.

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A donation from this event will be made to the NSPCC


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