St George's Day Charity Auction 2012

Posted: 17th April 2012, 9:32am

Click on the link to preview the fantastic items up for auction this year.

Auction Programme 2012

Many thanks to all the companies that have kindly donated items to support our fundraising efforts.  This year we will be making a donation to Herts Against Cancer, a local charity founded by Chamber members ABA Research who say

Putting Something Back.......

"Last year colleagues at ABA decided to pledge support to a charity named Herts Against Cancer. This was in response to some experiences that touched our lives and which inspired us to try and do something positive. Since then we’ve been involved in many fund-raising events, from half marathons to coffee mornings; all with the aim of raising as much money as we can for causes devoted to the early detection of cancer in Hertsfordshire"

If you would like to find out more about Herts Against Cancer, donate or get involved then please contact Sue Harkness at or via 01727 798391.

ABA’s commitment to Herts Against Cancer has just entered an exciting stage. We are negotiating the lease on premises for our planned charity shop ‘Raindrops On Roses.’ This will be in the centre of St. Albans and feature high-quality, often locally-sourced products. Every penny of profit will go towards saving lives. Of course creating this store will also mean that, after many years of advising retailers on what to do, we will finally be putting our money where our mouth is!

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