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Privacy Statement

The St Albans District Chamber of Commerce collects two types of information from visitors to the web site domain, email registration information and site usage information from server log files. In the “Contact Us” section of our Web site, you will be required to submit an email address, contact details and feedback. Since the purpose of this data collection is simply to respond to your comments, we do not ask for any data over and above this. We will never pass your email address data or other contact data to any third party. Server log files allow us to record visitors’ use of the site. We use the log files to make improvements to the layout and accessibility of information contained within this site. These changes are in response to the way you the visitor browse around the site. Log files do not contain any personal information. Any changes to our privacy policy will be detailed in full on this page.

As a member of the Chamber, you will of course have access to all your fellow member’s details.  We would, however, ask non-members not to abuse the information on this site.

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