"Thank you for a truly wonderful and memorable lunch. The venue was lovely, the food wonderful and the atmosphere positively buzzing! I am sure that it took many hours to plan such an event with a million and one tiny but important details and it was a great event. I am so glad that I managed to make it." 

Melanie Fowler, Blue Skies Virtual Assistant

"The St George's Day Lunch (although for some participants it seems to last all day!) is the St Albans Business event of the year! It's always great fun, interesting and amusing speakers and a great opportunity for local businesses to provide some great entertainment for their clients at a modest cost. In addition it always raises lots of money and awareness for the nominated charity for that year.  

It sells out every year so you need to move quickly if you haven't experienced it before!"

Mel Hilbrown, Executive Director at St Albans Enterprise Agency

"We are very much looking forward to today's lunch with Ken Clarke MP, the Chamber has done very well to get such a high profile speaker here today ahead of the general election."

Paul Schofield, Senior Partner at Deliotte

"Chambers like the St Albans Chamber offer great value to local business people and their ordinary lives. Also giving a voice to the business community in local matters and through the Chambers movement in national matters. It is quite easy for the voice of business to be neglected." 

Ken Clarke MP

"There is a huge amount of networking done in St Abans through the St Albans District Chamber of Commerce and they provide an excellent service to the business Community."

Ken Dougall, Senior Corporate Manager at Handelsbanken

"I am here at this Chamber event today to understand other peoples businesses, how one can benchmark against their sorts of problems and see what kind of solutions they can bring to the table."

Andrei Lussmann, Lussmanns Restaurants